#IMMOOC – Join the Experience NOW!

February 18, 2017

I am pumped about the Innovator’s Mindset Open Online Course beginning February 27, 2017! As an IMMOOC alumni, this experience is like none other, and The Innovator’s Mindset is a MUST READ for any educator, no matter your role.

The book

Not only is George Couros a master educational writer, but he also has a way of revealing portions of his personal experiences that genuinely connect with the reader. This book is a timeless reference of applicable approaches to the mindset of educators. It isn’t the “next best” thing! In fact, the ideas shared within it will NOT go out of date and need revision. 

The experience

Learning alongside PLN educators all over the world via the IMMOOC is an incredible opportunity, and you have direct contact with the author himself! What more can we ask for as educators? I call it collaboration on steroids! Honestly, I met friends through the IMMOOC last fall that I still connect with weekly. In fact, I feel like my IMMOOC PLN peeps are my EDU-family, and I can’t wait for our “Family” Reunion!

The Results

George said it best when he said,  

“Innovation is not about the stuff; it is a way of thinking.”

After participating in the IMMOOC last fall, I fully embraced the Innovator’s Mindset. I now take risks and explore new opportunities every chance I get. So, dive in! Join us and learn from outstanding educators who challenge your thinking and stretch you to heights you once thought were unreachable. You will NOT be disappointed!

If you’re interested in joining #IMMOOC, please do the following:

1. Buy a copy of The Innovator’s Mindset. We will have a “selfie challenge” coming soon so get your book as soon as you can so you can win a prize for our drawing.

2. Sign up for the course (also listed in the website link below).

3. Get your blog ready to go! (George suggests either http://edublogs.org or http://wordpress.com)

4. Share that you are joining to the #IMMOOC hashtag on Twitter and encourage others to sign up.

5. Join the Facebook group.

Click here to JOIN and read all about IMMOOC.

Seriously, what are you waiting on?

Click the link above. Let’s do this thing!

Oh, and please mark your calendars!

The brilliant Katie Martin and I will be co-hosting the IMMOOC Twitter chats on Wednesday nights at 8 PM CST/ 9 EST beginning March 1st. YOU don’t want to miss this added opportunity to learn alongside the IMMOOC PLN. 


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