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Are you thinking, “#BookSnaps…what the heck?” Fear not. Check out the original #BookSnaps blog post here. 

#BookSnaps Video Report

The below video is made with the Animoto App and saved on YouTube. Animoto is a user-friendly FREE app used to produce dazzling videos that are sure to capture the viewers’ attention! Check out Mr. Easton’s #BookSnaps Video Report!

High School Sci-Fi Choice Novel #BookSnaps Report

by Andrew Easton’s Class in Nebraska

#BookSnaps Gallery with Padlet.com

Padlet.com is FREE and user-friendly. It makes creating a #BookSnaps gallery super easy by allowing one to drag and drop images. Personally, this might be my favorite curation yet, because you can click the image to enlarge it and allow you to read the annotation. 

Another fascinating feature of Padlet.com is the fact that it has collaborative settings. For a class using #BookSnaps for a particular chapter or novel, the students can upload their pictures to the same Padlet and see each other’s visual interpretations of the same content. 

Interactive 21st Century Book Report

The Isolate /n./ by Rick Jetter

*Click Image below to open the Padlet. Scroll left, right, up and down. Click individual images to enlarge the #BookSnaps.

Feel free to leave a comment below any BookSnap. 


Collaborative #BookSnaps

If you are reading a William Allen White book and would like to share your #BookSnaps with students around the world, click the image below to check out the website created by .

It’s easy; just click on the book you are reading and add your #BookSnaps. You can leave comments on other students’ #BookSnaps, too. Thank you, Lindsay.

She has a screencast video to share how to upload your #BookSnaps here

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