#GratitudeSnaps Challenge – November Edition

October 31, 2017

*Co-Written with my girl, Tisha Richmond @tishrich


The #GratitudeSnaps Challenge is as easy as 1-2-3.

Focus each day on one thing for which you are grateful.  It could be a thing, a person, a feeling; it’s personal to you.


Educators, students, community members…anyone who would like to participate is more than welcome. The more positivity we can flood the world with, the better. 


Create a GratitudeSnap by connecting it to something positive in your life.  Add pics, text, anything you choose.

Take a picture with your phone and share why this image makes you grateful. You can use any picture app to create your #GratitudeSnaps. (We will be using SnapChat.)

Click here for a quick 3-minute video to show you the basics of Snapchat. Just create #GratitudeSnaps instead of #BookSnaps.

Click this link for many apps used to make #BookSnaps, which can easily convert to #GratitudeSnaps. 


Post it to Twitter including #GratitudeSnaps & tag us @TaraMartin EDU and @tishrich.


Let’s begin our 23-days of #GratitudeSnaps on Nov 1st, 2017.

It will last until Thanksgiving, November, 23rd. You’re welcome to keep it going; there is certainly no “time frame” on being grateful.

The world has plenty of negativity, let’s spread a grateful attitude!

We have so much of which to be thankful.

Journal of Snaps

If you’d like to follow my (Tara’s) 30-Day #GratitudeSnaps  Challenge, click the Padlet below.

Padlet is free and is a great way to curate your #BookSnaps, or, in this case, #GratitudeSnaps

Are you ready to storm the world with a POSITIVE #GratitudeSnaps force?

We are!

Tara & Tisha

More Gratitude Habits

Gratitude First – What if the first email sent each day is one of gratitude?

Who Do You Need To Thank? By Dave Burgess

Did you know gratitude works much like an antidepressant drug? Click here to learn more and to view our video reflection from the initial #GratitudeSnaps Challenge. 

Click here to see examples of #GratitudeSnaps from our first round of this challenge.

Tara’s #GratitudeSnaps Challenge November Edition Padlet

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