Student Perception Surveys

Click My Class Reflection image below to view a student perception survey that might be used quarterly for teacher reflection of the students’ overall “Class Experience.” 

Click My Lesson Reflection image below to see a survey for students to add their input about a particular lesson.


It’s best if these surveys are given anonymously to gain honest feedback from the students. By asking the end-users what they like and don’t like, we can see what is happening in class from their point of view. When students have a voice, they feel appreciated. 


Feel free to copy the forms to your Google Drive and edit them as needed. Some like to use different wording for the Likert scale (always, never, sometimes, etc.). However, I would recommend keeping the scale at 1-4 to allow a forced choice. It provides better feedback than the average responses landing in the middle ground. 


I often share the Summary of Results (graphs) with the class and set goals, as the teacher, for improvement. It’s best when the students know you value their feedback and plan to tweak your performance to better their classroom experience.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 6.22.30 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 6.23.00 PM

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