Students In Action

4th Grade Students LAUNCHing the #MarsChallenge by A.J. Juliani

U- Understanding the Problem/Process for “Creating a school on Mars”

Check out these questions!

5th Graders: Create Medieval weapons

#LaunchBook Design Thinking Maker Project 

2nd Graders: Create Sugar Cube Castles – STEAM project

2nd Grade Students Share Reflections via AudioBoom Podcast

Innovation and The Marshmallow Challenge

What the Students Say About the LAUNCH Design Thinking Projects

Kindergarten Shares Their Thoughts about,

“What makes a GREAT school leader?”

4th Grade Mystery Skype #SnappingforLearning

4th Grade Frontier eSpark Writing Lesson 

Learning About Failed Attempts & Writing a Letter to Michael Jordan

Phase 1: Look, Listen, Learn

3rd Graders are learning about their audience before making a game by analyzing the data from their survey questions we posted on Twitter.

Utilizing students from another state as “teachers”

for our USD 497 Elementary PD Mystery Skype Session.
Facilitated Mandy Sikes & Tara Martin

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