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“If Play Dough Could Talk, What Would It Say?” #EDUWallTalk

September 4, 2017

Why That Title? This was one of sixty-thousand or so questions raised while teaching the preschool class at my church this past weekend.  While playing with Play-Dough, a four-year-old student says, “Mrs. Martin, What if play dough could talk? What would it say?” Being slightly… read more »


July 15, 2017

Sometimes the REALness of life tackles you like a herd of massive NFL football players, and you lie helplessly dogpiled beneath them. That’s pretty close to my state of mind this past week. Of course, on this particular week, I (Tara) forgot to wear… read more »

The Game of Learning Through Life

July 9, 2017

With a fierce determination in your heart, You decide it’s time to take on the adventure. You look in the mirror and flex your biceps. Ok, just look in the mirror and tell yourself “I’ve Got This!” (Well, you can flex if you’d like.… read more »