Tips to Twitter Chat Like a Boss #IMMOOC Style

September 24, 2017

Please scroll down to see this week’s slide-theme.

We are hoping to have ONLY one round of questions during this week’s chat. *wink*

I know we had a small train wreck during Week 1 with participants resurrecting old questions, but Katie, Annick, and I simply wanted to model the messiness of innovation. We totally walk the talk. *wink*

To remedy this potential confusion, we will have a new slide-theme each week. Scroll down to see this week’s slide-theme.

The 2nd ‘M’ in #IMMOOC

As we enter Round 3 of #IMMOOC, I can honestly say… I now have a clear understanding of the second ‘M’ in the hashtag. 


In fact, that might be an understatement. Our #IMMOOC family is MASSIVE in numbers, incredible ideas, and EDUawesomeness!

With that in mind…

During the last round of #IMMOOC, George Couros (author of The Innovator’s Mindset) added a Twitter Chat to #IMMOOC which Katie Martin and I co-hosted. It only took us one round of chatting it up to realize this experience was different.

Don’t be afraid; it’s amazing, and the ideas are plentiful.

However, it has a MASSIVE amount of attendees and needs to be treated accordingly. Katie and I made a few notes from the last round, and we came up with a few tips that might help to make this experience more meaningful for YOU! 

A Few Tips To Consider When Twitter Chatting #IMMOOC Style

1) #IMMOOC Twitter chats average 3000 tweets/hour.

2) The moderators will not get to every tweet.

3) Collaborate with your PLN peeps and don’t worry about keeping up. (It’s a group effort.)

4) This is a PLFamily event. Comment on each other’s ideas and don’t worry if you get off and miss a question because you are engaged in a side-discussion.

5) Set Tweetdeck up by answers. This might be the BEST tip of all. 

Setting your Tweetdeck up like this helps streamline the feed and prevents the “tweet traffic jam” that might occur using only one column.

To set up Tweetdeck by answers, Type “#IMMOOC A1” to set up one column. Then, “#IMMOOC A2” to set up the next column and so on. See images below.

As you move from one question to the next, simply begin following the column to the right to see the new round of answers.

Remember, you will still need to check the #IMMOOC column to see the questions because only the answers will show up in the columns setup by #IMMOOC A#s.  



See you all Thursday at 8 PM CST!

Let’s OWN this thing!

Bring On #IMMOOC Round 3 BABY!

Please LOOK for each week’s slide-theme below and answer the questions ONLY on those slides during the chat. We got this. 

Let’s ROCK it!

October 5, 2017 – Week 2 Slide-Theme: 

It will be…







But, afterward, you will be saying…





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