Why Do You ______? (Passion Post)

September 2, 2017

Last night I watched LEAP! During the movie, the director of the opera kept asking his students, “Why do you dance?” He was searching for that thing you can’t teach–not skills, or strength, or power. He wasn’t looking for one who wished to check a goal off their bucket-list. He was seeking one who danced from deep within. 

It made me wonder, “Why do you _______?”

What’s your passion?

Why does it burn in your soul?

What are the passions of your students? Your staff members?

If you’re unsure, how might we discover them?

We have important roles as educators because many times we are exposing children to their passions for the very first time. Teachers are often the ones who help students discover that “thing” buried deep within that when exposed, makes them feel alive. I’d like to tell you a story of how my teacher helped me discover mine. 


Passionate About Writing

Writing has been a passion for me for many years. 

It all began at about the age of eight years old. My second-grade teacher (my hero) bought me a tiny little diary and said, “You can share your thoughts here. You can lock it up, keep the key, and store your journal in my bottom drawer of the file cabinet. You may share your writing with me, but if you choose not to, I’ll never peek inside.” 

As I would write, I noticed I felt light inside and worried less about not having everything under control.

Fast forward thirty-one years…

Writing took a new turn for me when I began my website. I rarely had, if ever, shared my writing with others. Writing was my best friend. It held my hand through so many adventures in life. It hugged me when I was scared. It never left me and was always there when I needed it. Now we were to be exposed to the world. Would that change our bond?

Could we do that?

Could we share our REAL with the world? 

Fear gripped me as I considered the questions above. But, I reminded myself…why do I write? Is it to receive accolades or fame?




Why Do I Write?

I write because it makes me feel alive. No matter the mood or tone of the words on the page, it fills my heart with delight and with a sense of closure.

Writing is my voice when I can’t speak, yet it’s my voice when I CAN speak.

When I write, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Not because it needs approval from others, but because I managed to snag a few racing thoughts within my wild imagination and connect them to something REAL while creating something meaningful. 

Writing makes me feel complete; it’s therapeutic.

Writing is like a wildfire trapped inside my chest begging to escape. I can’t contain it. So, I allow it to bust free and burn vividly with words.


I write when I’m unhappy,

when I’m thrilled beyond belief,

when I’m troubled,

when I’m hurt,

and when I’m healing.

Every day I’m breathing…I write.


I write to discover,

to reflect,

to contribute,

to empower, 

and to restore.


I write many things I’d never tell a soul or publish; it frees space in my brain and helps me take control of my ideas.

I need not medication to treat my mind from past experiences or thoughts that threaten to destroy me. 


Because I write. 

Writing is my mouthpiece. It’s something no one can take away from me. 


Why do I write?

It’s my energy, my thought collector, and the calm to my crazy.

It’s as much a part of me as my heartbeat.

I write not to satisfy others. Although, isn’t it wonderful when you use your passion to serve others? 

I write because I enjoy it. 

Writing provides me an outlet to expose my innermost being–which is scary yet restorative.

It’s my time-capsule, my personal history book.

It helps me learn from my past, present, and dream big for the future.


Why do I write?

I write because it sustains life in my heart, soul, and mind; it’s how I share my R.E.A.L.



If others try to tell you that thing you love, your fire within,

isn’t “good” enough,


if anyone attempts to taunt your students with similar threats…

Remember to ask, “Why do you ______?”


Light Up the World

Answer the question, “Why do you _____?” and keep your passions burning bright! Share them with the world.

They are a part of YOU. You can’t contain this wildfire, and you won’t escape it.

It’s your REAL. 

When REALness burns bright, it lights up the world.

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